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The Salt Of The Coast, The Essence Of Maine

The Salt of the Coast,
the Essence of Maine.


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Designed and Made In New England.


Vinalhaven Island was the inspiration for the creation of our Perfect Catch Cuff.  The larger of the two Fox Islands in Penobscot Bay is  an hour and fifteen minute ferry ride from Rockland.  It is home to a hardworking lobstering community. Dave grew up here, spending his high school summers lobstering on the f/v Anna Blake.  He loved the experience of this rugged, honest, and sometimes romanticized living.

Kylie wanted to create a piece of jewelry that captured this essence of Maine.  One with a timeless, classic appeal, that also told a story.  The Perfect Catch Cuff represents just that. Her first piece is formed from an essential lobsterman's tool which  determines if a lobster is of legal size to keep.  

Over the years, Watts In Maine has expanded upon their jewelry collection. You can now find Maine  & Anchor Pendant necklaces, cut out of the stainless steel lobster measure, and Oyster Gauge Necklaces, a replica of the tool used to select oysters. 


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